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Medford Early Education Program (MEEP)

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MEEP Program Description

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The Medford Early Education Program (MEEP) is an inclusive preschool program designed to serve students with and without disabilities. There are currently 10 MEEP classes, each with a varying length of day. Six of the classes are located at the Brooks Elementary School (three classrooms, each with an AM and PM session), two of the classes are located at the Roberts Elementary School, and the McGlynn and Missituk Elementary Schools have one class each.

MEEP serves students ages 3 through 5 who are not yet eligible for kindergarten. There are up to 15 children in each class. Up to seven students in each class are students with disabilities whose IEP Teams have placed them in that specific classroom. Up to eight students in each class are students without disabilities who are placed through the application process.

Each MEEP class is led by a teacher and has at least 1 paraprofessional. Related service providers such as Physical Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Teachers of the Deaf, Behavior Specialists, and/or Teachers of the Visually Impaired also spend time in the classrooms.

The MEEP teachers and staff recognize that the primary goals of early childhood education are to promote independence, self-confidence, self-esteem, and an enthusiasm for learning. These qualities are essential to future educational success.

MEEP is designed to provide children with a safe, secure and nurturing environment in which they can learn about themselves, each other, and the world around them. MEEP follows the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for Preschool, which address development of the whole child in areas including cognition, communication, social interaction, play skills, motor abilities, and self-help skills.

The daily MEEP schedule differs by class but all schedules are intended to balance indoor and outdoor periods, active and quiet times, individual, small group, and whole group activities. The program offers opportunities for a wide variety of experiences; paint, puzzles, clay, play-doh, water, sand, blocks, manipulatives, music, movement, books, dramatic play. Children are encouraged and taught to make choices among a range of activities, especially those that are based on their own interests and experiences.

A major component of MEEP is to help children develop positive self-esteem and an enjoyment of learning. Emphasis is placed on the child’s capacity to develop and enjoy friendships, to begin to learn to resolve conflicts, and to learn respect for the feelings, ideas, and differences of others. The program values each child’s unique abilities and facilitates development at a pace and level consistent with each child’s ability.

MEEP Application

2022-2023 - MEEP Online Application

The MEEP application window for students without disabilities is open from April 1st until April 30th. In the event any class is oversubscribed, returning students are given preference. After returning students are placed, any remaining oversubscribed classes will have a lottery on May 11th. The first round of the lottery includes only applicants who are 4 years old by Aug 31, 2022. If there are any remaining slots, another round of the lottery will be conducted for applicants who are three by Aug 31, 2022.

Applications must be received by April 30th to be eligible for the May 11th lottery. In the event that your child does not get into a class of your choice, you can opt for your child to be placed on a waiting list.

Applications are accepted throughout the year for any openings available after the lottery.

Families will be notified of placement determinations between May 18th and May 20th. Families must confirm their acceptance of the placement and submit a $50.00 registration fee by June 30, 2022, in order to secure their child’s placement.

Teacher Meet and Greet/Orientation Day along with the first and last day for MEEP students will be determined by July 1.

After your child has received a placement determination, and you have confirmed the placement and submitted the $50.00 registration fee, the following must be done to complete your child’s enrollment process and for your child to be eligible to attend MEEP:

  1. The child must be *fully registered and medically cleared through the Parent Information Center at Medford High School. *All paperwork submitted and accepted
  2. The Tuition Agreement received in MEEP office
  3. The $50.00 registration fee received in MEEP office
  4. Registration completed in the FACTS Management System
  5. The first month’s tuition received by FACTS

If you have questions about the registration process, please email Denise Rogier: or call 781-393-2155 x4218.

The first monthly tuition payment is due on August 20th. Tuition is due on the 20th of the month from August 2022 to May 2023 in order to continue in MEEP.

Financial Assistance

Families may be eligible for scholarship assistance through a sliding fee scale based on income and family size. The sliding scale is posted on the District’s website. The financial assistance application and document verification requirements are available here: MS Word or as PDF

Please call the MEEP Office if you require a hard copy of the sliding scale application and/or document verification requirements.

All required documents must be submitted before a determination will be made regarding the request for financial assistance.